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AstroAPI for developers

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AstroAPI provides you blazing fast astrological calculations

Discover the AstroAPI for blazing fast and accurate astrological calculations and integrate this unique feature easily into your website.

The AstroAPI provides you Western Astrology features you need to engage your customers:
- Ephemerides for every place on earth
- Natal Horoscope with interpretations and chart
- Solar Return horoscope with interpretations and chart
- Synastry of 2 horoscopes with interpretations
- Composite of 2 horoscopes with interpretations
- Transits of 2 horoscopes with interpretations
Can be extended suited to your needs

Administration area

Adjust the content of the AstroAPI you want to show to your website visitors to your own needs.

Demo video

More information, pricing & modules

AstroAPI has been developed by Bloom, the reference in astrology & modern spirituality.

Find all the information and documentation on the main Astro Api website here.

Packages start already from €25/month! Attract more visitors to your website with the unique AstroAPI feature.


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